Dealing with the challenges of the city today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to call out corruption when they see it.  The fortitude to pursue the opportunity to become alderman emerged out of frustration with a corrupt political system that constantly rewards political donors and cronies with lucrative city contracts at the expense of the middle class, working class, and working poor tax payers.  I want to inspire and support the community and be an alderman that pursues meaningful actions and not just espouses prepared political talking points.  I am driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong belief in reciprocity.  Voting for me as your 12th Ward alderman is voting for change in a new direction.



Nature Should Not Be Sacrificed

I am aware of the harm that humans can have on their environment.  For these reasons I try to reduce, reuse, recycle and even compost in the small garden my family has.  So, when I went for a walk at McKinley Park and inhaled air that made my nose and throat to itch, I wondered what was the cause.  After doing some research and realizing the air I inhaled was actually toxic I did not want to sit by and let one of the city's most beautiful green space go to ruin.


Advocating For Those Less Fortunate

Being at home as my mother's caretaker, I have heard many stories repeated over and over.  A recurring theme in many of those stories is how much cheaper life used to be.  Raises in the cost of living are natural, but when the cost of living in the city increases because of politicians' shortsightedness and corruption it is infuriating.  The elderly and persons with disabilities living on fixed incomes cannot afford those increases, especially if they live on their own.


Advocating For the Voiceless

The children of Chicago deserve a future they can look forward to.  They deserve an environment that is free of carcinogenic toxins.  They deserve a public school system that will:  ensure their safety, challenge them academically and provide educational opportunities for social mobility.  They deserve a city that is not saddled with debts they did not ask for, but that they will have to pay.  Surely, they will be happier living in Chicago without the astronomical debts incurred by corrupt politicians.